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"AMAZING! What an Unbelievable Show you did for us and our 5,000 Dish Network attendees. You out shined ALL of our past speakers and entertainers with 3 standing ovations!"

- Charlie Ergen, Dish Network, Founder


The Art of Split-Second Success by Robert Channing

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The Art of Split-Second Success

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As Seen on America's Got Talent...

Robert Channing "Marilyn"

As Seen on TV and LIVE Around the World...

"Amazing Trade Show Entertainment"
Crowds Guaranteed!

Robert Channing is a performance speed painter, mental artist and world famous mentalist who creates paintings of celebrities and legendary icons in a matter of minutes. Would you like to have overflowwing booth traffic guaranteed? Try having Robert perform in your booth and drive traffic to your brand, generate and collect leads and make your booth the talk of the trade show for years!  This really does happen during and after your tradeshow! If Robert doesn't create a massive crowd, convey your message and collect massive amounts of leads for you -- you dont have to pay him - Guaranteed!

Click here to see a sample of the amazing paintings he creates in minutes.

Robert Channing appearing with Howie Mandel and REO Speedwagon for Dish Network.

You Will See A Massive Increase In Yourt Booth Traffic and Generate Crowds Guaranteed!

"Robert attracts massive crowds like a magnet" Mercedes Benz USA

Robert's warm personality,  his high energy and unique performances will drive massive crowds to your booth like a magnet. Mutliple shows daily will insure that you receive steady traffic throughout the day. Your soon to be customers and clients will love this show and will be excited to see what you have to offer.  Robert "Creates a Crowd, Conveys Your Message and Collects Your Leads" while you sit back and relax!

After the performances, you can raffle these huge 5ft x6ft masterpiece paintings to generate leads and please your potential customers and clients. Not only will you get a massive amount of traffic and entertain current and potential clients, you will also get their contact information for future marketing and sales. There is no better way to connect with your future clients than to "WOW" them and give them the gift of AWE and AMAZEMENT!

Be The Talk Of & Buzz At Your Trade Show And Make Sales

This IS a GREAT Way to stand out? Having this mind-blowing entertainment throughout the day will do just that. Multiple mind-blowing interactive shows each day will have visitors coming back numerous times daily. This is also a great way to increase your brand recognition with your new prospects and current clients.

Be Sure To Stand Out From Your Competition

You will be different and your business and products will be remembered with your message and information that will be delivered in a very unique and memorable way.  Be the talk of your prospects and clients for month and years to come.