As Seen on America's Got Talent — #1 Speed Painter Robert Channing

Watch as Robert Channing Speed & Glitter Paints Marilyn Monroe

As Seen on Steve Harvey's "Just One More Thing"

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Speed Painters

Robert Channing – Performance Speed Painter, Glitter Painter & Extreme Action Artist with a Mental Twist…

You’ve heard of fast food. But what about fast art? “Extreme Action Artist” and “World Famous Mentalist” Robert Channing will whip up masterpieces in minutes and create portraits right before your eyes on a 5ft x 6ft canvas in 4-7 minutes. In some instances members of the audience have thought that Robert Channing has just read their mind and has painted their thoughts on canvas with these paintings. It’s truly amazing to see…

Some of Channing’s favorite subjects to paint are Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Statue of Liberty amongst 70 iconic figures from the world of music, movies, sports, art and history, which he paints using his fingertips, palms, elbows and up to four paint brushes in each hand. For inspiration and to rev up his audience, he choreographs his movements to powerful music meant to stimulate the senses. People go nuts over Robert’s glitter paintings. They are a show stopper and are just amazing to see in person!

Glitter Paintings
One of our speed painters doing a show
One of our speed painters doing a show

Special Event Entertainer

Robert is a highly sought after special event entertainer. His high-energy show can be tailored to seamlessly blend in with your event to create the "WOW Factor".

Prepare to be amazed as internationally touring performance speed painter and world famous Mentalist Robert Channing whips up masterpieces in minutes. He has appeared on TV numerous times and his larger than life portraits and performances have been seen by some of the biggest celebrities and companies in the world. If you're looking to raise a substantial amount of money for charity, looking for amazing corporate entertainment, wowing a college crowd, or want to attract people to your trade booth like a magnet, then Robert is your answer!

Robert will dazzle your audience with his quick painting, amazing mind reading, and fun personality, which will also help you create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your event. He regularly performs at corporate eventscharity eventstradeshowscolleges and private events all around the world.

  • Paints Celebrity and Patriotic Portraits on Huge 5ft x 6ft Canvases!
  • Each Painting Takes 4-7 Minutes to Create!
  • Performed to Heart-Pounding Music!
  • Original and Custom Designs Available to Include Your Brand Message or Logos!
  • Custom CEO/Guest Speaker Introductions!

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    As Seen on TV and LIVE Around the World...

    TV Stations

    Famed publicist pre-announces the winner of America's Got Talent!

    The new season of 'America's Got Talent' may have just gotten underway, but renowned Hollywood publicist Michael Levine already knows who the big winner is. It's not one of the comedians, singers, or acrobats. 'These days, it's not about talent, it's about two things: 1. Your ability to stun people. 2. Your ability to out-market the competition,' and Levine believes the biggest winner is speed and glitter painter Robert Channing.

    'The performer who officially finishes in first place will win a $1,500 a day gig with the show. But, whether he "officially" wins or not, Robert Channing has already won big,' says Levine. Channing is booking gigs around the country and selling his one of kind works of art.

    Channing's jaw dropping audition earned four straight yeses to move into the next round. Channing says 'no matter what happens on AGT, I painted my idol Howard Stern in front of 14 million people. It's not every day you get to say that.'

    Channing whirled his brushes onto a black canvas into what appeared to be nothing. It wasn't until he grabbed two cans of glitter and splashed it onto that canvas that Howard Stern appeared, leaving everyone's jaw on the ground. Stern was even kind enough to sign the painting. I wonder how much it'll be worth now?

    Channing's audition even caught the eye of former American Idol Simon Cowell, who gave it two thumbs up.

    America's Got Talent
    Robert Channing